How To Choose Stone


There are several things to consider when choosing the right stone for your job.

1. Color.  Take samples of cabinetry, flooring, and any other decorating elements to the slab yard.  Dark solid colors may require more care as they show more glass rings, fingerprints, etc.

2. Texture.  Patterns in the stone can make your countertops be the focal point or a design element of the room.

3. Quality.  Some varieties of stone are more prone to natural flaws such a s small cracks or pits that have been filled.  Stone with a mesh backing is likely to have more of a chance for these natural flaws.  As fabricators we try to avoid flaws in the finished product but may not be able to cut around them all. 

a)  Look at the stone from many angles (reflection off the stone reveals defects and dull spots).  

b) Rub your hands across the surface.   

c) Check the stone for uniform thickness.

4. Reserve your stone.  Have the person who helps you, reserve the exact slabs you want for your job, to the Utah Granite Countertops or Ken Law account along with your name as a job name.  Stone held for more than 14 days may require a deposit.

***Disclaimer  Stone is a natural product. It is not perfect.  Be sure of your choice.  Once the stone is delivered and the cutting starts, you own the stone.  You, the customer, are responsible for your stone choice.  We, the fabricator, are responsible for the workmanship.  We carefully inspect the stone before cutting, but some imperfections are not visible.  If we notice problems after cutting the stone we do all we can to stabilize the material and fix the defect.

The Basics

We base our bids on price group 1, 2cm stone. Be sure to tell the consultant to show you group 1, 2cm stone”. If you can’t find one you like in group 1, look at group 2 etc. This will help save time shopping.

  • Price groupings have very little to do with quality.
  • Price groupings are different for every supplier. No supplier will tell your the wholesale price, therefor you will need to call us (or show them the table below) with your choice so we can provide an accurate quote.

We calculate bids in price groups (group 1 is the least expensive).  Here is a table that you can show to the slab yards so you can know what group your stone choices are in.

Group              My cost per square foot

     1                       Less than $9.35

     2                       Less than $12.15

     3                       Less than $14.95

     4                       Less than $17.76

     5                       Less than $19.36

     6                       Less than $22.43

***If the material you pick is higher than Group 6, you pay for the stone and I will give you a labor-only bid.

Before you go shopping for stone call us so we can explain how the different suppliers do business. This will save to time and possible frustration.  

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